Q: Will the Ballboy Pro fit my machine?
A: The Ballboy Pro will fit any standard size pitching machine. It is not compatible with softball machines or the machines that sit very close to the ground like softball machines.

Q: How do I install the Ballboy Pro?
A: The Ballboy Pro is easily installed and secured to a pitching machine leg with two adjustable clamps (included). You'll need a flat-head screwdriver to tighten the clamps.

Q: How many baseballs does the Ballboy Pro hold?
A: The Ballboy Pro holds seven baseballs. Softballs do not fit in the Ballboy Pro.

Q: Do I need to remove the Ballboy Pro after use?
A: No. The machine can be disassembled with the Ballboy Pro still attached.


Q: Is the Ballboy Pro weather resistant?
A: Yes. The Ballboy Pro is powder coated for durability and resistance to weather. Our patent-pending design includes two drain holes so no water collects in the Ballboy Pro.


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