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I’m Greg Withers, Founder & President of BallBoy Pro™ LLC and I’ve played baseball my entire life. It’s a game about out-performing and out-smarting your opponent while coming up with split-second solutions to make the perfect play.

I Love The Game

Nowadays, as an umpire I see the same strategies play out (on a smaller scale). I started to notice the coaches’ perspective on problem-solving and creating solutions to better the players and the overall game experience. That’s when it hit me. I had the unique point of view to observe it all.

One day while umpiring – I saw a coach struggling to feed the pitching machine during a game. He would place the baseballs on the top of the machine while trying to feed each individually. Of course, they all fell off. I watched another coach try to catch an incoming baseball while holding four other baseballs in his glove to feed the pitching machine. You can guess what happened there. And the final straw – was watching a coach place baseballs on the wet infield. Naturally, the baseballs were covered in mud and dirt. They had to be cleaned individually to feed into the pitching machine properly.

I Knew There Had To Be A Better Way

Ballboy Pro Baseball Carriage 
This is when Ballboy Pro was invented.


Ballboy Pro is the first universal pitching machine baseball holder.

No longer will you have to worry about where to place or hold baseballs until you're ready to feed them into the pitching machine. Our patent-pending baseball holder frees you up to concentrate on the game and most importantly – the players. The Ballboy Pro attaches to any standard sized pitching machine and has room for seven baseballs – all easily accessible, secure and ready for the next pitch. Click here to get more information on how it works.


Ballboy Pro is just the first of many accessories our family-owned business plans to bring to you to make your time on the diamond effortless. After countless hours of testing and tweaking, I'm confident our patent-pending, made in the USA, Ballboy Pro baseball holder will be the perfect addition to your team.


Get out there and play ball!